For HC of UMW birthday gathering



Cupcakes ordered by Roziha

Happy Birthday Rosmawati

Striking colours

Another experiment & my colleagues got free cupcakes every now and then


In the begining, I did quite a lot of experiment. it was fun.

Cupcakes...thanks Farihin for helping

One of my first experiment

I bake and decorate these for fun. I give away the cakes to my office mates and they love the desing and the taste.

My first fondant cake

I actually wanted to bake a normal butter cake. Somehow when I saw the Milo tin, i said, why not just experiement a milo butter cake. Guess what? It taste good........

A wedding gift - ordered by Roziha

Order was from one of my loyal client, a friend, Roziha. Thanks dear for all the support.

Good Luck Zrett - From Lazli to his beloved gf

This was before she left Msia. Not sure the cakes reaches NZ or not :)

Happy Birthday Izzat

Chocolate & vanilla cupcakes for Lazli's younger brother. Diterbangkan dari Shah Alam ke Terengganu....

Nik Fatahiyah & Hafiz

Cupcakes ordered by Nik for her hantaran kahwin in Kelantan. Sampai Kelantan dah kek kita...hehehehe

Selamat pengantin baru Nik Fatahiyah & Hafiz. Moga bahagia selamanya...Ameen.........