Selamat hari raya

Happy Birthday Daddy

Ordered by customer in Shah Alam

Roziha's first order

Order from my very loyal customer. Love you...muaaaah!

Cupcakes for Anis Birthday

CC ordered by Sitinur for her lovely sister Anis, on her birthday

For HC of UMW birthday gathering



Cupcakes ordered by Roziha

Happy Birthday Rosmawati

Striking colours

Another experiment & my colleagues got free cupcakes every now and then


In the begining, I did quite a lot of experiment. it was fun.

Cupcakes...thanks Farihin for helping

One of my first experiment

I bake and decorate these for fun. I give away the cakes to my office mates and they love the desing and the taste.

My first fondant cake

I actually wanted to bake a normal butter cake. Somehow when I saw the Milo tin, i said, why not just experiement a milo butter cake. Guess what? It taste good........

A wedding gift - ordered by Roziha

Order was from one of my loyal client, a friend, Roziha. Thanks dear for all the support.